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Permanent sealing tape

Data:2015-6-16 1:00:33

Permanent Sealing Tape is made of hot met adhesive , acrylic adhesive, PET film, PEPA film. Suitable for sealing OPP and PE express bag , The funtion is seal and breaking the bag. 


Permanent Transfer Tape (Extended Liner) is a Permanent, unsupported synthetic rubber transfer tape supplied on a PEPA(BOPP,glassine paper,aluminium)-coated Kraft release liner . It provides a permanent surface to surface bond and has strong initial tack and high overall adhesion. The liner on the tape can be easily removed because it has a non-adhesive or finger lift dry edge on each side of the tape (there is 6/12 mm of liner overhang on each side of the tape so a 12mm wide liner would become 9.5mm width of adhesive tape once the liner is removed). Application uses include paper & paper attachments; posters; envelope sealing & direct mail pieces; 

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